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1. To develop technology for processing three intermediate products of cassava, transferred and adopted by 2500 primary out-growers and out-processors.

2. To develop technology for developing composite flour of yam, cocoyam and sweet potato and successfully transferred and adopted by flour and bakery enterprises

3. To develop cassava and cereal flour and integrate into bread making and other pastry products for scaling-up of the developed technologies.


4. To develop an agribusiness incubation center for the production of ethanol and glucose syrup.   


Composition and formulation of three composite flours from cocoyam, yam and sweet potato will be investigated to arrive at the appropriate ratios for recipes.  Several compositions and formulations on the composite flour will be tested on recipes. The most appropriate composition and formulations and recipes will then be chosen for the project.  Proximate parameters of formulated flours AOAC (2000) will be determined. The shelf-life characteristics of the developed products of bread, biscuits, cakes and doughnuts would be established. Appropriate packaging material as well as packaging systems would be established. Up-scaling of bakery products using the developed composite flour by selected bakery enterprises is an excellent approach to commercialization.  


1. Refurbishment of the Dough Kneading Machine – The finalization of the refurbishment of the Dough Kneading Machine of FRI was completed this quarter. This quarter, the pulleys for the motor, the guard for the belts, spraying and installation was performed. The refurbished machine was installed at the PSPU of FRI.

2. Refurbishment of the Tunnel Oven at PSPU for bakery products – Rehabilitation of the tunnel oven is almost complete. The oven was cleaned and sprayed. All stainless steel parts were polished. Electrical wirings have been renewed. New temperature control units as well as motor have been installed. Final testing and handover will be performed in the coming quarter. 

3. Agribusiness Center at Pokuase. The engineering unit has been actively involved in the construction of the Agribusiness Center of the WAAPP project. The Engineering Unit is coordinating the construction and installation of Equipment as well as building components such as burglar proof systems, barristers etc.

4. Processing equipment. Test running of equipment distributed to all trained cassava processors conducted during the period.

5. Technology transfer. Composite flour technology and bakery product processing transferred to flour end-user in the Eastern and Volta regions.

6. Mr. Gregory Komlaga and Mr. Jonathan Ampah attended the WAAPP investor’s forum organized by CSIR-FRI at Ho during the quarter under review. 


All project components activities earmarked for 2014 would continue. Training of processors and dissemination of flour technologies both existing and recently developed through workshops and exhibitions and media publicity will be conducted. There will be the continuation of the construction of Agribusiness Center at Pokuase. 

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